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Diana Battista

Columns: Mechanics, Technique

In the Mechanics column, Diana covers the common mistakes writers make in the areas of Grammar, Usage and Mechanics (GUM). This includes the fundamentals of sentence construction, misused words, Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) rules and more.

In the Technique column, Diana covers the main techniques employed in the development of effective narratives, from the initial concept and message to the completed work. In addition, this column will discuss the techniques and rules involved in specialized categories like devotionals, short stories, etc.


Diana Battista is a retired aerospace engineer-turned-technical writer with a passion for establishing and activating God’s Kingdom in the earth and in His people. Diana has always loved the power and creativity of the written word. She finds great satisfaction not only in revealing God through the word but also in helping others craft their Kingdom messages as well.

Over the past twenty years, Diana has written and edited numerous engineering documents. Since 2013, she has also served as an officer and webmaster of the Central Houston chapter of Inspirational Writers Alive! (IWA!) where she has written or edited many of the monthly newsletters and the web content. She lives in the Houston area with her girlies: two irresistibly charming terriers named Tilly and Lily.

Michelle Hernandez

Column: Community

In the Community column, Michelle covers the importance of building a writing community with mentors, writing and critique groups, workshops, and conferences.


Michelle Marie Hernandez is a writer, a speaker, an artist, and the founder of Abiding Communications. She creates images and words to comfort, encourage, and teach people. Michelle uses wisdom from her own journey of growth and healing to help others progress on their path.

Michelle sensed God’s call to write in 2004. She attended her first writers’ conference in 2007 and joined her first writers’ group, Inspirational Writers Alive! (IWA!), in 2009. With support from the Christian writing community, Michelle has flourished. She has over 20 years of professional communications experience. Michelle has also served in several writing groups, including an IWA! chapter that she started and led in her hometown of Taylor, Texas.

Like her Creator, Michelle loves crafting a variety of beautiful artworks. She writes articles, Bible studies, books, cards, and devotions for adults and children. Michelle delights in preparing and delivering spoken messages to live and online audiences. She also enjoys drawing and painting scenes that show viewers something amazing about God.

Along with being an entrepreneurial artist, author, and speaker, Michelle is a dedicated wife, mother, and friend. She likes cooking, gardening, reading, and walking outdoors. Michelle lives in the greater Houston area and retreats to the Texas countryside.

Melanie Stiles

Column: Coaching

In the Coaching column, Melanie, brings her best advice and wisdom for managing and advancing your life as a writer.


Melanie has been successfully coaching individuals for many years, and enjoys helping others to achieve their God-given passions. She is branded as the Life Coach in Blue Jeans due to her down-to-earth, practical, and spiritual approaches to fulfilling the desires of the heart.

Melanie has also accumulated hundreds of freelance bylines, authored several books specifically for writers, and frequently speaks at conferences, churches and with other teams/groups on topics relating to the journeys of Christian women, discipleship, leadership, biblical topics and writing.

Melanie offers writing-related services to individuals and organizations, including complete book publishing processes, copy creation, editing, ghostwriting, coaching and more. Melanie is a practicing Life Coach with certifications received through the American Association of Christian Counseling. She frequently pairs with both individuals and groups to assist in goal achievement. Her coaching programs can be customized to fit specific needs.

Melanie spends her free time volunteering as a Lay Minister at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX and enjoying outings with her family.