What’s Your Current Mindset?

As writers, we rarely give much thought to our mindsets, yet they play a major role in our levels of motivation and achievement.

“If I don’t win the contest, do I enter another? Do I assume I can’t win at all? Should I submit to a major publisher or not-so-major? If an editor rejects my work, should I quit? Or should I make a list of publishers and continue to move on?” It all boils down to mindset, which determines not only where, but how far we will pursue our writing goals.

There are four basic types of mindsets among humans. They are pretty much self-explanatory by name: growth mindset, positive mindset, entrepreneurial mindset, and challenge mindset. So which mindset works best for a writer? Definitely growth.

People with a growth mindset not only accept but embrace the following concepts:
1. I will routinely face failure, rejection, and setbacks, but those experiences will only serve to teach and not defeat me.
2. Challenges and new experiences are good.
3. Exploration of different ideas presents opportunities.
4. I am meant to be a lifelong learner.
5. Over time, I will progress and move forward successfully if I fully commit to my future and my goals.

When is the last time you, as a writer, considered your mindset about your own projects? With a growth mindset, you can move forward with confidence. If you’re not quite in the growth mindset yet, you can start a shift in your thinking by reviewing the concepts above often, and asking God to renew your mind so that you are able to fulfill the purposes He has for your written words. May He bless you on your writing journey!

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